Free spin night at Fulton Alley features local high school students




3rd Coast Beats, a series of music production workshops led by local artists, beatmakers and producers, works with New Orleans students to make and mix beats and to teach the intricacies of electronic sound. The program is completely free for students, and 3rd Coast Beats has already teamed up with Cohen College Prep High School for a three-day intensive sound workshop.

On Wednesday, May 21, students will showcase what they've learned alongside 3rd Coast Beats DJs at Fulton Alley, from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. For more on 3rd Coast Beats check out the group's indigogo page, or show up to Fulton Alley ready to dance.

From the group's crowdsourcing page:

Electronic Music is an art form that transcends "beats", no longer limited to Hip-Hop, Techno, House, Dubstep, or the many other genres routinely associated with computer-based music. Today, electronic music is used in array of styles including Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B and has been used for film scores, television shows and commercials, video games, and other outlets. Our program inherently supports the music and the artists making it by exploring the unlimited creative possibilities electronic music offers.

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