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Nominations are now open for the 2014 Y@ Speak Awards. We added a few new categories this year, including one suggested in our all-call for ideas, bringing the total awards to 14. That's 14 Very Important awards some of you will receive at our distinguished ceremony "adult" Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards except you win shame instead of a surfboard free event on June 2.

New categories for 2014 include "Most Informative Account" and "Funniest Account." We also have categories for "Best Bar/Restaurant Account" and "Best Business Account (Retail or Service)." And thanks to @superrrmoon's suggestion, we added "Best Newcomer to Twitter." (Mini spoiler: we'll likely incorporate your other great suggestions into our award ceremony.)

Our other categories include: Best Female Account, Best Male Account, Best Twitter Feuder, Best Media Personality Account, Best Athlete Account, Best Local Band/Musician, Best Comedian Account, Best Celebrity Account and Best Politician Account.

Click here for the nomination page. Nominations are open from today, May 7, through midnight Sunday, May 18. Only Twitter accounts based in the New Orleans area will be considered. And please use the Twitter handle (as in "@yat_speak") and not just the name of the user (as in "Yat Speak"). The top five finalists will be whittled down from nominations and committee input, and finalist voting opens Wednesday, May 21 through midnight Wednesday, May 28. The winners will be announced at the Y@ Speak Awards on Monday, June 2 at Publiq House (4528 Freret St.), with your returning host Ian Hoch.

Go forth and vote. Tell your friends. This is your civic duty.


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