Sunday, April 13, 2014 1-5pm

(route details below)

Start: Foxx Lounge

Out Washington Ave. to S. Dorgenois Street, right on S. Dorgenois to M.L. King Blvd., right on M.L. King to S. Prieur Street

Stop: Single Men SAPC

Continue out M.L. King to S. Liberty, right S. Liberty Street to

Stop: 1614 S. Liberty Street

Continue out S. Liberty to Felicity Street, left on Felicity to Simon Bolivar, down Simon Bolivar to Jackson Ave., left on Jackson to Danneel Street

Prince of Wales SAPC

Continue out Jackson to Brainard Street, right on Brainard to Philip Street, right on Philip and left on Baronne Street to Second Street, right on Second to Dryades Street

Stop: Sportsman Lounge

Continue out Second to Danneel left on Danneel to Washington right on Washington to LaSalle

Stop: Lady Roller SAPC

Left on LaSalle to Louisiana Ave, left on Louisiana Ave to Dryades Street, left on Dryades to Seventh Street

DISBAND: Joe's House of Blues

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