The sweeter side of the legislative session: Laws on pie and cane syrup




Cane syrup and pie have marched (read: oozed and rolled) into Baton Rouge, demanding the same respect as similar sweet treats from Louisiana legislators.

HB 294 (Rep. Stuart Bishop, R-Lafayette) calls for the exclusion of home cane syrup preparations from the state Sanitary Code and commercial food regulations, affording it the same treatment as small batch jellies, preserves, jams, honey, and honeycomb products. A similar bill — HB 216 (Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington) — calls for home preparations of pie to be held to the same standards as small batch, home prepared cakes and cookies.

No word on why these two important sweets were excluded from the original laws. Both bills currently sit in the House Health and Welfare Committee.

Whether or not we achieve #canesyrupjustice or #piejustice, budding cooks of all backgrounds are on their way to having their own 30-day long, state sanctioned celebration. SCR 65 (Sen. Norby Chabert, R-Houma), which would designate November as Culinary Careers Awareness Month, passed the state Senate unanimously earlier this week and sailed through the House yesterday.

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