Man finds phone, leaves hilarious series of videos while trying to return it



OK. This is amazing.

So the unidentified 32-year-old man in the video above found an iPhone on Magazine Street after the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Parade. Not wanting the phone to get cracked, broken or stolen, he then proceeds to try and find a way to get the iPhone back to its rightful owner. For whatever reason, he decided the best way to do that was to make a series of videos as he walked Uptown looking for a place to drop the phone off.

What happens next is magical. He made five videos in total and the phone's owner posted all of them to YouTube. Not long after that, the videos made their way to Reddit and in less than two days, the videos have already totaled more than 100,000 views.

In the first video, the man is in a coffee shop where he asks the baristas what they would do if they found an iPhone. One barista suggested he call Steve Jobs.

"Does this thing contact Steve Jobs? Is there a button that will reach him?" the man behind the video asks, apparently missing the part where the barista mentions the former Apple CEO's death.

In the second video, he really gets going. He greets the phone's owner, explaining that he wasn't stealing the phone and was looking for a way to return it. He then quickly gets lost in his own conversation and begins saying whatever comes to mind. He beings pointing out all the buildings he passes, wonders what kind of person the phone's owner is and proudly shows off the cabbage he got from his brother who marched in the parade.

That's not all. He gives a history lesson about a former occult bookstore, talks about how everything was different "before the Whole Foods gentrification", makes fun of someone watching mixed martial arts in their living room and then curses when he realizes he's just missed his bus.

The search for a bus even become its own sub-plot; at one point, dejected that he has to make his journey home on foot, he talks wistfully about the time his mother's friend saw him walking around Uptown and gave him a ride home.

"That'd be nice, but it's not happening," he laments.

Eventually, the man decides his plan of action is to drop the phone off at the St. Joe's Bar with a story that he found it there "so they feel responsible". We see the man enter the bar and head to the back. After noting that there are some attractive women in the bar, he looks straight into the camera, says, "I'm going to pull a little bit of a lie" and takes a big swig from his can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

"I'm going to go back to the bar and say I found this phone back here at a table," he explains. "And maybe order a beer."

The final video ends with him telling the bartenders he found the phone on the patio and him giving a surprisingly heart-felt goodbye to the phone's owner. It's a truly incredible journey and I encourage you to watch all the videos below, as they're guaranteed to brighten up your day (Caution: "Part 4" contains NSFW language when he misses the bus).

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