Edwin Edwards, candidate, sits down with MSNBC, news network


Gov. Edwin Edwards hits the cable-news circuit. - MSNBC
  • Gov. Edwin Edwards hits the cable-news circuit.

Less than 48 hours after announcing his intention to run for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, former Gov. Edwin Edwards was already on the hustings with which he's most comfortable — the media hustings. (What other convicted felon would feel so at ease among the press that he'd make his campaign announcement not among supporters, but at a meeting of a press club? Perhaps they're the same thing in his case.) It follows a very busy 24 hours where Edwards signed up for Twitter and got the knack very, very quickly.

Anyway, here's Edwards chatting it up with MSNBC's Chuck Todd. If you've heard enough repetitions of all the dead-girl-live-boy and wizard-between-the-sheets jokes, just fast-forward to 2:45 in this video. And in case you're wondering — the Affordable Care Act? Edwards is foursquare against it now ... unlike, say, six months ago, as this report from WWL-TV shows:

[Larry] King asked whether he supports the President’s health care reforms, or Obamacare. “Oh, absolutely,” he said, saying that, at 86, he remembers when Social Security was first introduced, with cries that it would bankrupt the country and ruin society. Repeating the populist theme echoed several times Sunday, Edwards said it was the poor, the young and the elderly who are most in need of government’s help, which he said the health care reforms would do.


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