Someone at Tulane unintentionally sparked a hilarious e-mail chain



So the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament aka March Madness is set to commence this week and people all over the country have been filling out brackets. Many media outlets (including this one) have taken the opportunity to create their own custom tournaments and, no doubt, they are also holding one of the many thousands of office pools for the tournament.

One such website is, the irreverent sports site which hosts an online bracket pool every year where the winner gets some swag from the Gawker Media offices and bragging rights. Well one Tulane employee who had initially signed up for the Deadspin pool asked to be removed from the contest. Unbeknownst to him/her, they accidentally emailed everyone in the Deadspins pool (well over 100 users). That sparked a hilarious chain of emails, because, you know, the internet.

The entire chain is mostly NSFW but well worth checking out on this lazy Tuesday when there seems to be not much else going on. A few of the SFW replies are below.




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