Brewsday Tuesday: Fairhope Brewing



Fairhope Brewerys Dan Murphy, Bo Hicks and Elliot Roberts.
  • Fairhope Brewery's Dan Murphy, Bo Hicks and Elliot Roberts of Druid City Brewing.

Fairhope Brewing, the first and only brewery in the Mobile, Ala. area, is celebrating its first anniversary in early February. Head brewer Dan Murphy identifies the brewery as focused on the Gulf Coast instead of just Alabama, and it draws some Louisiana tourists to visit the brewery.

Owners Brian and Michele Kane, Jim Foley, Gabe Harris and Murphy built Fairhope to celebrate beer, music and community. The connections and collaborations they’ve pursued reflect that mission — for example, their first “brewsician” collaboration is with musician Grayson Capps, who wrote the song “Drinka Little Poison 4 U Die.” Capps’ manager was discussing the possibility of playing at the Fairhope taproom when the idea to do a collaboration came up.

Murphy’s wife Amy says, “I threw out the idea of doing a beer based on one of his songs and his manager loved the idea. Dan thought ‘Little Poison’ worked best because the chorus is, ‘Before you die, before you die, drink a lil poison 'fore you die,’ and Grayson's favorite style of beer is a brown ale, hence L'il Poison Brown Ale.”

The test batch sold out in 90 minutes, and Fairhope is brewing a full batch to release as its Mardi Gras seasonal beer.

Last week, Fairhope unveiled a beer it created with Druid City Brewing Company out of Tuscaloosa, Ala. Son of a Peacherman is a dark saison brewed with local peaches. “It came down to a couple of old friends from college who have a similar brewing philosophy and wanted to get together and brew beer,” Murphy says. “We're like kids in a candy shop, and experimenting with something neither of us had tried before was a lot of fun.”

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