Manny "Chevrolet" Bruno's mayoral campaign comes to the Circle Bar


UPDATE, JAN. 16, 2014: Since this story was written, Bruno has withdrawn from the mayor's race.

If all the mayoral candidate forums and debates have numbed your brain (impossible) or if Michael Bagneris, Danatus King and Mitch Landrieu just aren't igniting your sense of civic responsibility, you're welcome to engage in a bit of civic irresponsibility tomorrow night at the Circle Bar, where the fourth mayoral candidate, Manny "Chevrolet" Bruno (the eternal Benny Grunch of New Orleans mayor races) will hold a fundraiser/drunken debauch.

The lineup includes Alex McMurray, Bipolaroid, the Geraniums, Nattie Sanchez and Gardenia Moon, and it all gets going at 10 p.m. (Preview here.)

Will Bruno issue an official platform? He already has, in video form, and if it has one message, it's this: He does not give a shit. About anything. (Well, except perhaps smoking in bars.) It's already the best campaign ad of the season, but Dr. McKenna hasn't warmed up yet.

Manny Chevrolet for Mayor 2014 from The Local 504 on Vimeo.

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