Blue Dot Uptown opening next Friday




The proprietors of Blue Dot Donuts in Mid-City are jumping into the burgeoning Uptown pastry scene. Their new venture, Blue Dot Uptown, is set to open its doors next Friday.

The bakery had recently planned to open on Friday, January 3rd, however "due to unforeseen consequences" (according to the bakery's Facebook page), they've pushed their debut to January 10th.

The much anticipated second venture from the Blue Dot crew is setting its crosshairs on Uptown doughnut lovers, who clearly haven't been fully sated by the likes of doughnut artisans District Donuts.Sliders.Brew, Manhattanjack, and the popup Upper Nine Donut Co., amongst other offerings. Clearly, this is a neighborhood that's loving new and interesting takes on fried dough, fanciful fillings and sugary glazes.

Many New Orleanians are familiar with Blue Dot, with its amusing origin story — the proprietors are all members of the New Orleans Police Department who have gotten not a few chuckles (and attention) over the years due to the old stereotype involving cops and doughnuts — as they are with the bakery's bacon maple Long Johns, gigantic apple fritters, and the ever popular red velvet doughnut packed with cream cheese.

Blue Dot Uptown is located at 5236 Tchoupitoulas St., at the corner of Bellecastle.

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