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Fans of celebrity chef John Besh who feel like they simply don't get enough of the man in their lives through his television show, restaurants, cookbooks, and media appearances are in for a treat. Just in time for the holidays, Besh has announced the launch of his "Besh Box" monthly subscription service.

Each month, subscribers will receive a mystery box filled with goodies that carry the chef's official stamp of approval, including kitchen tools, ingredients, seeds, spices and other items, all driven by an included seasonal recipe.

"People are constantly writing me on social media and asking where they can find my favorite products," says Besh, "maybe something they saw me using on TV. Like what olive oil I'm using, for instance. And that's what inspired me to create this box. They're items I personally love and use on a regular basis, tools and ingredients that, unless you're a chef who's spent decades learning and practicing a craft, you might not know about or have a use for."

So how does this whole Besh-of-the-Month-Club work out? The initial offering, titled "Holidays from the Heart" is based around the chef's recipe for an apple and pear tart with pecans. Hence, the box includes several recipes: the tart, a basic sweet dough, and one for hot spiced wine intended to pair with the dessert. On top of that are six items to help you in your holiday tart-making experience, including a large bag of Inglewood pecans, vanilla beans, a dough scraper, an Italian pastry cutter, a cook's towel, and, oddly enough, jalapeƱo seeds.

While the tart recipe doesn't call for jalapeƱos, a future recipe will, so subscribers are encouraged to get their peppers growing in advance. Boxes to come will apparently be curated similarly, so subscribers will eventually have a number of necessary ingredients and tools already on hand for the latest recipe.

Additionally, recipients of this first package get a small fleur de lis ornament and a playlist of Besh's holiday favorites to set the mood (future playlists are planned to be available via streaming on Spotify).

The chef is reticent when it comes to the details of further boxes, not wanting to spoil any surprises. However, current planned themes will include Mardi Gras (naturally) and "The Big Game," which appears to be focused on cooking for your Superbowl party.

Subscriptions to the service are solely available online at, ship nationwide, and start at $55 for a single month, $160 for three, and $320 for half a year. A yearly subscription will set you back $650, but also include a bonus copy of Besh's "Cooking From the Heart."

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