Chalmette Movies filmmaking contest seeks expressions of frustration over bridge closure




Chalmette Movies has announced an "odd filmmaking contest that should hit very close to the home of all of its patrons." Entries must express personal aggravation resulting from the closure of the Judge Seeber Bridge — widely known as the Claiborne Avenue Bridge — over the last couple of months. The bridge, of course, connects Chalmette with the nearby city of New Orleans. There's no entry fee, and aspiring filmmakers don't have to be from St. Bernard Parish. The total running time should be 3 to 5 minutes and submitted on DVD (no Blu-rays). The winner will get a six-month movie pass and see their work posted to the theater's website. Mail your entry to Chalmette Movies, 8700 West Judge Perez Drive, Suite D, Chalmette LA 70043.

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