Booty's Street Food adds Bolivian fare to its fall menu



Antichuchos at Bootys Street Food
  • Booty's Street Food
  • Anticuchos at Booty's Street Food

Executive Chef Greg Fonseca, of Booty's Street Food, the Bywater's home of fresh fruit daiquiris and international bites, has returned from a 9-day stint at the much lauded Restaurant Gustu in Bolivia, and he's brought some some inspiration back with him. The globe-trotting restaurant's new Fall menu has a few intriguing additions to it, most notably "anticuchos," a traditional dish of grilled beef heart that Fonseca is pairing with potatoes, peanut-aji amarillo salsa, and Uyuni salt. Another new arrival from La Paz on Booty's autumnal menu is "Queso humacha" a dish featuring choclo (Peruvian corn), potatoes, olives, queso duro, and llajua, a spicy chili sauce. The new items join the restaurant's well-received collection of worldly offerings from as far afield as India, Spain, South Korea, Greece, Brazil and more. Both dishes are $7 and are available on the restaurant's dinner menu, which starts at an early 3 p.m. on weekdays and 3:30 p.m. on weekends.

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