Prytania Theatre announces 35mm film series, touts "new experience"



Rumors have swirled for at least a year about a new local theater that would only show movies the old-fashioned way, on projected film — not the high-res digital formats that have taken over at theaters in New Orleans and across the country. That hasn't happened yet. But it was only a matter of time before existing theaters — in this case, the Prytania Theatre — began celebrating the glories of celluloid. Yesterday the Prytania sent a out a press release for its new Vintage Late Night film series promising "a new movie-going experience...feature films presented on 35mm film!" We're not sure we'd call the practice "new." But this is a trend whose time has definitely come. All screenings take place at 10 p.m. on Sunday nights, and tickets are $10. Here's the schedule:

October 20 — Re-Animator

November 3 — Batman

November 10 — Alien

November 17 — Poltergeist

There will also be a showing of Halloween on October 27 as part of this series, but it will be shown digitally so we left it off the list. A person's got to have standards.

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