Brewsday Tuesday: Three new local beers coming to market


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John Cooper of Abita Brewing samples the brewery's new Macchiato Espresso Stout from the tank. - COURTESY ABITA BREWING
  • John Cooper of Abita Brewing samples the brewery's new Macchiato Espresso Stout from the tank.

Three local breweries — all on the Northshore — are bringing new beers to market. The state’s newest and smallest brewery, Chafunkta Brewing (21449-2 Marion Ln., Mandeville), is offering a new beer style not brewed anywhere else in Louisiana; Covington Brewhouse (226 E. Lockwood St,, Covington, 985-893-2884) is releasing a beer unlike anything in their current lineup; and the modern pioneer of Louisiana brewing, Abita (21084 Hwy. 36, Abita Springs, 985-893-3143), is brewing two new styles of beer that are a marked departure from anything it’s brewed before.

Chafunkta owner Josh Erickson says that the inspiration for Kingfish, the brewery’s new cream ale, comes from “our love of football, parading, festival-going, crawfish boiling and everything else Louisiana-related where you're consuming cold beverages for long periods of time.” Referencing Kingfish’s lower alcohol content and milder flavor in comparison to Chafunkta’s other beers, Erickson adds, “We certainly wouldn't recommend tailgating all day with Voo Ka Ray!” Erickson is waiting to see if Chafunkta’s current capacity will permit regular brewing of Kingfish or if they need to wait until they have a larger brewhouse.

Covington Brewhouse, a small brewery in transition, is working to offer a more diverse portfolio of beer. After showcasing two experimental beers at the WYES beer event in June, Covington is on track to begin brewing and distributing Anonymous IPA in October. The IPA has earned rave reviews from those who have tried test batches.

Meanwhile, Abita’s French Connection (a French farmhouse style with French hops and Belgian yeast), and Macchiato Espresso Stout are intended to give Abita’s talented brewers the opportunity to create new beers for the evolving local palate. The French Connection rolls out this month, while the Macchiato should appear in November or December. 

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