Even though I love food and have known about Dishcrawl New Orleans since it started back in March, I attended my first Dishcrawl only recently. I had considered attending before then, but wasn't sure if I should. Would it be worth it? Would I end up at restaurants I already knew? Would the crowd be full of people I wanted to punch in the face?

Since I love tacos, I signed up for the Taco Tuesday Dishcrawl earlier this month. Minor hiccups aside, it was worth it and I'd definitely do it again. Below, I've listed the questions I had before attending along with their answers.
Fully loaded carnitas taco from La Casita. - MEGAN BRADEN-PERRY
  • Fully loaded carnitas taco from La Casita.

Is it worth it? Yes. For about $40, you get to experience dishes at (usually) four different restaurants all in one night.

Are people like myself there? There were people of all ages and backgrounds there, locals, transplants and tourists. Some people came in groups, but several were rolling solo. I met someone who works for Apple, a reiki practitioner, a home health care nurse and a college counselor.

How is the food? Pretty good. The tacos I had were all decent, with one restaurant's being stellar. I'm sure other Dishcrawls are better, since the chefs can provide their best dishes instead of dishes that fit with the theme.

What's the booze situation like? You can buy drinks.

Can the restaurants handle my dietary restrictions? Yes. Just let your Dishcrawl ambassador know in advance, and it will be done.

Do you have to do a lot of walking? Everything is within walking distance.

The Warehouse District Dishcrawl is Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. Registration is $45. Check out Dishcrawl New Orleans' Twitter and Facebook for restaurant leaks and coupon codes.

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