2 Amigos Mexican Buffet in Kenner opening soon



2 Amigos Mexican Buffet in Kenner (3826 Williams Blvd., 504-466-4116) is slated to open in mid-September. The buffet's owners, Gene Usner and Roger Bolanos, were managers at Pancho's Mexican Buffet on Veterans Memorial Boulevard, a casualty of Katrina.

When asked about the possibility of offering sopapillas and providing guests with table flags to raise for service — as was the norm at Pancho's — Usner stressed that neither he nor Bolanos owned Pancho's and that they don't necessarily want to be associated with the El Paso, Texas-based chain. The sign outside reading "Gene & Roger from Pancho's" is merely a greeting to locals, letting them know that they, too, are from here.

2 Amigos Mexican Buffet in Kenner.

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