Scott Fujita to join WDSU-TV as New Orleans Saints commentator


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One of the most popular ex-New Orleans Saints of recent years, Scott Fujita, will be joining WDSU-TV as a commentator for four Saints games this year, starting with the season opener against the Atlanta Falcons Sept. 8. Fujita will join sports director Fletcher Mackel, new WDSU sports reporter Sharief Ishaq and former Saints coach Jim Mora for 3 1/2 hours of pre-game and 1 1/2 hours of post-game analysis on the station's "Saints on 6" specials.

“To say we’re excited is an understatement," Mackel said. "To have one of the Saints players who helped win the Super Bowl and who had meant so much to the city – it’s a tremendous advantage to WDSU. "

Fujita, who now lives in California, recently signed a deal with the new sports network Fox Sports 1, but Mackel said the WDSU deal was unrelated to his new contract with "Saints on 6."

Fujita will be coming to New Orleans to provide game perspective on Sept. 30 for the home game against the Miami Dolphins; Nov. 10 (v. Dallas Cowboys) and Dec. 2 (v. Seattle Seahawks).

"He speaks his mind on everything, he’s smart and opinionated, and he understands football not just from the standpoint of X’s and O’s, but from a total perspective," Mackel said. "I can’t imagine there’s a better local [sports] production when you have people like Jim Mora and Scott Fujita."


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