A new way to remember Steve Gleason's punt block



This poster depicts Steve Gleasons punt block, including the score and time
  • This poster depicts Steve Gleason's punt block, including the score and time

Courtesy of the Nashville, Tennessee-based company Prinstant Replays, comes this cool poster depicting Steve Gleason's punt block against the Falcons in 2006 as if the Saints had drawn it up in their playbook. The poster is part of a large series that depict iconic plays from different sports as playbook diagrams. The company says that it will be releasing more prints in the coming weeks and months and we can only hope they depict Tracy Porter's interception, the Saints' surprise onside kick or any other play from their Super Bowl run.

Frankly, I think they're pretty cool and this one in particular gives me chills. Now, because the Saints are playing tonight and because we can never get enough of watching this highlight:

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