The Manning family rap video



I'm going to plainly describe this because I've rolled my eyes too hard and I'm having difficulty typing:

It's a three-minute "rap" video starring brothers and professional athletes Eli and Peyton Manning. It's a DirecTV advertisement for NFL Sunday Ticket. The song is "F.O.Y.P." (that's "football on your phone" and an acronym nobody will ever use). The Mannings wear wigs. Archie Manning also is in this. He also wears a wig.

This is "funny" because "quirky" is now ad-friendly shorthand for "comedy." It's also "funny" because the Mannings are goofy-looking vanilla white guys and hey, look, they're "rapping," which "obviously" isn't for them. Also, wigs are "funny." This is DirecTV's recipe for a "fun" "viral" "video" and "song."

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