Did Jrue Holiday leak the day the Pelicans jerseys will be revealed?



Sports Illustrated has a cool article up today about the new-look Pelicans and how Anthony Davis and newly-acquired guard Jrue Holiday are hoping to lead this young squad to prominence in the immediate future. It's and interesting read and you should go read it. You should also pay close attention to the very end of the article when Holiday is quoted as saying this:

“The color scheme is dope,” he said. “I’ve seen the jersey a little bit, the release is August 1. I’m excited.”

So far, the Pelicans' haven't made any public announcement as to when they will be revealing their uniforms and August 1st is just a week away. Either Holiday has completely ruined the surprise for everyone or he's been misinformed. Seeing as how he volunteered the information un-prompted, I'm betting on the former.

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