Burgers (and seafood) in Bucktown and Lakeview



Oysters Bordelaise at Bucktown Burger & Fish Co.
  • Oysters Bordelaise at Bucktown Burger & Fish Co.

The name Jaeger has been associated with New Orleans seafood for generations, though two new ventures from a member of this local restaurant family put the burgers front and center.

Over the spring, Andrew Jaeger opened Jaeger Burger Co. (872 Harrison Ave., 504-482-1441), a small burger joint in the middle of Lakeview’s commercial corridor. More recently, he added Bucktown Burger & Fish Co. (200 Old Hammond Hwy., Metairie, 504-840-0902), which expands the concept with a much larger menu and a different setting.

The former Live Bait, now Bucktown Burger & Fish Co.
  • The former Live Bait, now Bucktown Burger & Fish Co.

Bucktown Burger & Fish Co. took over the lakefront restaurant space that was previously Live Bait. The menu runs through fried seafood, fish tacos, burgers and specialties like oysters Bordelaise, which here are fried and stuffed into a bread bowl doused with garlic and oil.

The old beach shack look and nautical décor across the bar and dining room is largely unchanged from the Live Bait days. The covered front patio offers a view of the levee and pumping station across the street rather than actual lake. But you can always hike up that levee to see the small fishing harbor on the other side, which is recommended to work off a bit of the solid, seven-ounce burgers served here. Bucktown Burger & Fish Co. will also host live music.

Back in Lakeview, Jaeger Burger Co. took over a narrow storefront that was the longtime home of Lovecchio’s Deli and later saw a string of other sandwich shops.

A standard burger from Jaeger Burger Co. in Lakeview.
  • A standard burger from Jaeger Burger Co. in Lakeview.

Jaeger Burger is a tiny operation with counter service and a short menu of burgers and sandwiches (there’s a grilled fish sandwich and a chilled shrimp salad), and a few sides, including poutine-style cheese fries, all of which are also served at Bucktown Burger & Seafood.

Andrew Jaeger’s family has operated restaurants around New Orleans since 1948, and he operated several of his own restaurants in the French Quarter and Mandeville through the years.

Bucktown Burger & Fish Co.
200 Old Hammond Hwy., Metairie, (504) 840-0902

Jaeger Burger Co.
872 Harrison Ave., (504) 482-1441

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