Alabama all-male cheerleaders dance to DJ Jubilee



Meet Mobile, Ala. dance team the Prancing Elites, seen above dancing to the perennial classic "Get It Ready" by the bounce bard DJ Jubilee. The group's popularity blew up across the Internet this week thanks to important news source Shaq, who tweeted "these dudes b jammin." Indeed, Shaq.

From the group's Facebook page:

since 2004 we've been talked about, mistreated, abused, etc in this artform... but for some reason we remained humbled and continued striving for excellence, because God says, patience is the key... Good things come to those who wait... I dont know exactly whats about to happen... but all im asking is God let your will be done... Protect us on this tideous journey... Hallelujah is the highest praise....and thats all we are thinking about at this point....

(Via MSN)

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