Times-Picayune to launch its tabloid product, TP Street, on Monday



The Times-Picayune will launch its new tabloid print edition, TP Street, next Monday, according to a memo this evening from NOLA Media Group Vice President of Content Jim Amoss.

After going to thrice-weekly publication last fall as part of its move to a "digital newsroom" (and later adding a Monday sports tabloid during New Orleans Saints football season and a early-Sunday "bulldog" edition in the subsequent months), NOLA Media Group announced in April it would return to printing a news product on the days that The Times-Picayune was not printed.

That tabloid print product, which was named "TP Street," was largely greeted with dismay in the newsroom and confusion and derision elsewhere, due in part to publisher Ricky Mathews' spin on the tabloid. Mathews had called TP Street "the latest milestone in our evolution as a multimedia news organization," when it was clear that the move was a retreat to daily printing.

Adding to the confusion was NOLA Media Group's statement that TP Street was a response to subscribers' demand for a paper — but TP Street would not be delivered to subscribers, but available only on news racks for an additional price. (The final version of TP Street will carry The Times-Picayune's familiar "flag," or front-page logo.)

That non-delivery plan, Gambit learned several weeks ago, has also been reconsidered as NOLA Media Group pondered the possibility of returning to daily delivery of a daily print product with the name Times-Picayune, effectively positioning the physical paper where it was a year ago before the "digital transition" — albeit a physical paper with a severely damaged brand and new competition in the form of The Advocate's New Orleans edition.

Amoss' memo to his staff below the jump.


As many of you know, on Monday we are launching our new Monday/Tuesday/Thursday tab. We've been referring to it as TP Street, but A1 will carry the traditional flag of The Times-Picayune, with a bold blue "STREET' in iital in the right ear. It bears Adriana Garcia's sure touch as a designer. Terry Baquet's team will produce a paper that will make us proud. Besides news, it will contain editorial pages, sports (beginning with the back cover) and entertainment news, weather, puzzles (new ones), comics (new ones), and death notices. [Vice president of sales] Kelly Rose informs us that it is getting great ad support. Be careful not to strain your backs when you pick up our first TP Street on the 24th. Jim.

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