Original Creature From the Black Lagoon returns in digital 3-D



Nobody remembers the 1954 monster-horror classic Creature From the Black Lagoon as a great movie. But just about everyone remembers it, often from late-night TV showings while Mom complained in the background that it's way past our bedtime. The story involves an expedition of scientists who venture deep into the Amazon and find an amphibious gill-man living in a remote paradise from which no one ever seems to return. Originally shot and released in the inferior polarized 3-D format, Creature From the Black Lagoon has been restored and transferred to today's relatively effective digital 3-D process. Will these "improvements" make the movie better? Of course not. Will it still be a lot of fun? You bet.

The restored Creature From the Black Lagoon will enjoy an exclusive one-week run at Chalmette Movies starting on Friday, June 7th with screenings at 1 p.m. and 9 p.m each day. More info here.

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