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Lots of things happened this week: an uncharacteristically cool — but super muddy — Jazz Fest, free vibrators and gynecologist convention protests, and Drew Brees may have personally delivered you a sandwich.

But here's some even more exciting news: Gambit is hosting the inaugural Y@ Speak Twitter Awards! All the time I get suggestions of who should appear in this esteemed roundup, and here's a chance for your suggestions to actually matter! You have the power to give your favorite tweeters an opportunity to have minor local fame and as-of-yet-undetermined prizes!

Do you have a Twitter crush on a guy, gal or media personality? Are you inspired by the philosophical musings of a favorite local athlete (#blessed) or disgraced former politician? Is there a restaurant whose kitchen twitpics make you salivate? Do you get schadenfreude from a tweeter who's prone to public online meltdowns? Do you think you're the best at Twitter and want to win a prize? Nominate them (or you) here — just remember to nominate New Orleans tweeters only, and to use tweeters' handles (not real names) in the form. You can also put the word out there about your favorites by tweeting us at @yat_speak.

The nomination period ends May 19. After that, we'll use your nominations and the input of a super special Y@ Speak committee to determine the top five finalists in each category, and you'll be able to vote for the winners between May 23-30.

The first place winner in each category will be announced at a happy hour event at the Freret Street PubliQ House on Monday, June 3. It'll be a night of drinks, hashtags, and an opportunity to meet all your favorite tweeters IRL, as they say.

Happy tweeting and voting, and we hope to see you June 3! Now back to your regularly scheduled Y@ Speak.


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