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In the spirit of Lauren LaBorde and her weekly Y@Speak column, I attempted to summarize some local and national reaction to the news that the NOLA Media Group, aka The Times-Picayune | NOLA.com, would soon be publishing a new street paper (but not a Picayune) on the days it doesn't print a Picayune.

Publisher RIcky Mathews clarified things for The Wall Street Journal this afternoon:

Ricky Mathews, president of NOLA, said TPStreet wasn't an attempt to backtrack on last year's cutback. "Seven days a week wasn't viable long-term," he said, but added "we see this as recognizing that we didn't have all the answers" last year.

Yes, the new paper will be called TPStreet, which despite all appearances was not the name of a 1980s cop series starring Erik Estrada as T.P. Street.

So what do we think of the plan? O New Orleans, thou art confused. (And angry.)


Storified by Gambit· Tue, Apr 30 2013 14:14:37
This is why carping about the Internet is bullshit. THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF NEWSPAPERS ARE MORONS. Fix that before you deep-throat an iPad.Athenae
I can't believe The Onion didn't think of this first. NOLA newspaper to print seven days a week: http://bit.ly/12iReLoLaura Colarusso
The Times-Picayune is that guy at the bar whose idea of flirting is insulting you, then trying to buy you a drink. #NoThanksSarah Danger
Screw You, Times-Picayune Subscriber! http://wp.me/pzOF6-2krNOLAFemmes
Anyone still subscribed to the Times-Pic is clearly addicted to daily paper. Did they think we'd be grateful for gift of an "e-edition"?Brett Martin
"Let's compete against ourselves because that will be awesome and make all kinds of sense to a literate, cultured audience." #TPStreetAthenae
Times-Pic crams another square peg into the round hole of its customer's needs. http://tmblr.co/ZMa2ayjwFbg0Ian Kramar
Printing a paper you can't subscribe to is a very robust idea http://www.wwltv.com/news/Times-Picayune-returns-to-daily-printing-205418161.htmlskooks
TP: Oh, wait. Did we say 3 days a week? We meant... whatever ths is: http://tinyurl.com/ce8qyyyDavid Hammer
Go home @NOLAnews, you’re drunk. #TPStreetrandy


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