Second line and march planned to protest "crackdown" on music venues




A flyer labeled "Bywater Rising" asks "Are you tired of the following?" followed by a list of complaints musicians, venue owners and others have made in the wake of the City of New Orleans' enforcement of noise complaints and alcohol and entertainment permits.

The flyer lists "business closures and harassment from city government"; "taking of public spaces from the people who need it most"; "artists, musicians and buskers being forced off the street and into starvation"; and "the je ne sais quoi of New Orleans being packaged and incorporated," adjacent to a fleur de lis with Mickey Mouse ears crossed out in red.

"Then off of your ass and into the streets," the flyer reads. Groups of musicians, bar owners and others organized to march against the city's "crackdown" (from last year's permiting issues to the recent issues at St. Roch Tavern and the suspension of music at Mimi's in the Marigny) to be held at 6 p.m. tomorrow beginning at Mickey Markey Park in Bywater.

The Facebook event, which counts more than 300 attendees, says the protest is to show "New Orleans citizens will not stand by and watch attempts to quiet New Orleans' vibrant music scene." Event organizers encourage "costumes, marching bands, instruments, flags and signs."

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