New Orleans ranked 13th for sugar daddies




From the “Gee, I’m in the wrong business” file:

A national study conducted by the dating website and released this week, shows New Orleans has 2.43 sugar daddies per 1,000 adult men in the city, putting the Big Easy 13th on the list. In another survey of sugar daddies released in December 2012, the website broke down statistics by religion, finding the highest number of sugar daddies were Jewish (28 percent), 17 percent were evangelicals (17 percent), 14 percent were Catholic and 8 percent were Protestant. (Twelve percent of sugar daddies in the study were not affiliated with a specific religion, and 3 percent identified themselves as atheist or agnostic.

The new study ranks Atlanta in first place, with 5.98 sugar daddies per 1,000 adult men in the city, Scottsdale, Ariz., came in second with 5.23, San Francisco dropped two places from last year with 4.94, Tampa, Fla., takes fourth with 4.48 and Boston places fifth with 4.29 sugar daddies per 1,000 adult men. Charlotte, S.C., came in last (20th) with a 1.49 count.


There are several other websites catering to connecting sugar daddies and sugar babies. In March, released results from a “random survey sampling” of sugar baby profile accounts seeking information about what sugar babies want from their sugar daddies. Here’s what the survey showed women want:

• A mature man to provide for them.
• The princess treatment.
• Gifts given with love and respect.
• Freedom from financial worries.
• Career help, mentoring, guidance.
• Opportunities to travel.
• Help with education decision and tuition costs.
• Single mother sugar babies want help with bills and expenses.
• Pay for housing.
Here's a breakdown of sugar daddy stats and attributes from

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