We thought we lost ya for a second, Weezy: on Friday New Orleans' prodigal son was hospitalized for the second time that week following a seizure. Then gossip "news outlet" TNZ incorrectly reported that he was receiving last rites, and it seemed maybe our Martian had embarked on his journey to that big skate park in the sky. But everything's OK (for now), and I'd like to remind Weezy that Gambit still has several of his Big Easy Awards in our possession (currently using one as a paper weight). Also this week: we got a new pope, we're getting an H&M, New Orleans meets SXSW and Super Sunday.

Note: Y@ Speak has broken up with Storify for the time being. Its tweet embedding is consistently problematic. We may get back together eventually if he changes his ways. I'm sorry to put you in the middle of this.

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