Gridiron shows: Bobby Jindal and Stacy Head



Gov. Bobby Jindal's performance at Saturday night's Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington, D.C. went over well — at least with President Barack Obama, who praised Jindal's material and delivery at the logrolling annual chance for politicians and the D.C. press corps to share a laugh:

"I have to say, I thought Bobby (Jindal) was incredibly funny this evening. I thought he was terrific," Obama said last night at the high-profile Gridiron Dinner, in his remarks after Jindal made a highly impressive speech full of fun and jokes, wiping out his 2009 lacklustre speech which was in response to the first State of the Union Address by Obama.

Jindal's entire speech has been posted online by The Washington Post. Here's one for Louisianans:

[N]ow some people have asked me if I intend to run for President in 2016?

And the answer is that I have no plans to run. I’ve made that clear, over and over again…in Iowa…in New Hampshire…and in South Carolina.

And for those who want a local take on politicos and press rubbing elbows, tickets are now on sale for the Press Club of New Orleans' annual Gridiron Dinner, which takes place March 19 at Walk-On's. The headliner is New Orleans City Council president Stacy Head; tickets are $40 and are available here.

More Jindal under the cut. (Lots of Indian jokes!)

You all don’t know this…but the President and I had the exact same campaign slogan years ago.

But unfortunately UPS sued both of us and made us stop using it…you remember our slogan— ‘what can brown do for you?’

I ran into Joe Biden earlier today. I don’t think he recognized me though. He asked me to go get him a Slurpee.

My home state of Louisiana is of course known for colorful politicians. You may have heard that when our former Governor Edwin Edwards got out of jail last year he immediately married a woman 50 years his younger.

But you may not have read his quote about that…and I’m not making this up…he said “you’re only as young as the woman you feel.”

My wife didn’t feel that was funny.

David Duke was colorful…his favorite color was white.

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