Another day, another boil advisory: that means New Orleanians drink more breakfast cocktails than usual, use a fear of amoeba-laden water as an excuse to neglect personal hygiene, and complain on Twitter using an iThing that we live in a Third World country. Also this week: unsubstantiated rumors about Les Miles, interesting local signage and the AP Stylebook-approved way to write a delicious New Orleans sandwich.

Y@ Speak 2/24-3/3

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AP Style tip: tasty lunch treat: po'boy - no space - classic New Orleans sandwich.AP Stylebook
Some wise acre in the N.O. Arena crowd yelled "Hey, Kris Kardashian!" as Brooklyn's Kris Humphries checked into the game.Jeff Duncan
Attended my first public school lottery. Grimmer than a funeral. #nolaTodd A. Price
Spoke to my daughter's kindergarten class about my job. Was heartened that most kids knew what a newspaper isKeith Spera
oh wait i thought y'all were saying "hitler" this whole time & i was like "right?!? fuck that dude!" but wait what did the hipsters do?Hlaðguðr Svanhvít
Do any of y'all remember when @drewbrees' twitter feed was more than just one long infomercial. YEAH ME NEITHER GUYS :'''''(Matt
Have you fallen in the past 6 months? YES! Do you feel like a burden to others? YES! I qualify for a Hoveround.Amber
Oh boy. Saying it doesn't make it true. kerry spencer
Best fine print on a no parking sign. Warehouse DIst, New Orleans. Curtis
You know you're in good hands when you tell your production team you want the organ to sound like a green skittle and they totally get it.nasimiyu
There are rumors that LSU head football coach Les Miles will step down on Monday after allegedly having an affair with a student. Hmm...Sam McGaw
Aspiring journalists like @sammcgaw should learn now not to "report" rumors.Scott Walker
Les Miles confirms affair w student. Says he'll "work to be a better man" and that "Family comes before football" #newdayinBatonRougeJerome Davis
The account @JeromeWWL is not of a WWLTV employee and we are working with Twitter to get the account shut down.WWL-TV
#nola needs a #Superbowl for infrastructure. No clean water-again! Can't be the world's best host w/o being the best neighbors to ourselves.Andre Perry
Boil order for East Bank only. Remember, if you're going to the West Bank for water it still costs a dollar to come back.skooks
You guys, don't shower with boiled water. Extremely painful.CJ Hunt
Rare method of selling pig tails in the case @cochonbutcher with @NolaChef504 The guys at @prmeatco would approve. Lott
This is true actually RT @beardedstoner: In the mid 90s, I used to see Buddy Roemer talking to himself in various Baton Rouge coffee shops.Gov. Buddy Roemer
Not exactly the ballsiest name for an opinion section, is it?
I feel like nola is the next city in line for a Portlandia-esque parody show to be made about it.Julia Pretus
I've never been the only two people at the hibachi table before. There's a lot of pressure to stay engaged.Alison Fensterstock
i live in louisiana now but ethnically im JuggaloAmber Eeeeeee

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