Boil water advisory issued for East Bank of Orleans Parish


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Orleans Parish residents awoke Sunday morning to a boil-water advisory issued by Mayor Mitch Landrieu after an unexplained drop in water pressure across wide areas of the East Bank of New Orleans, which began around 9 a.m. and lasted a little more than half an hour.

The advisory was for the East Bank only.

Sewerage and Water Board (S&WB) officials were still determining the cause of a loss of water pressure at the S&WB Power Plant. Until further notice, East Bank residents were advised to bring water to a full running boil for one minute before consuming it or using it to bathe.

Last October, a similar drop in water pressure led to the city issuing a boil-water advisory for about 24 hours. Before that, the last substantial boil-water advisory had been issued in 2010.

For up-to-date information, check the mayor's Twitter feed or the feed of NOLAReady, the city's emergency response.

It's Sunday morning. Now go have a mimosa.


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