With Mardi Gras, and the horrifying Carnival/Super Bowl mashup known as "SuperGras," now over, it's time to scale back on breakfast king cake, daydrinking and other vices for the Lenten season. What are you giving up? It looks like pope gave up being the pope, and a lot of locals gave up on watching the State of the Union Address. Others resolved to do things, like investigate Lenten options at a technologically impaired fast food chain or to finally see what this "Harlem Shake" craze is all about. Best of luck on whatever it is you're giving up or pledging to do, and remember we have festival season to gloriously relapse.

Y@ Speak 2/11-2/17

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Popelessly Devoted to You; Priest Lightening; Look at me, the Holy See; Vatican Dropout; You're the Pontiff I Want #HolyOiltheMusicalAccidental Cajun
Best chuckle of the morning: Bill Capo at St. Louis Cathedral at 6:30 AM, seeking reaction to the Pope's abdication from tarot card readers!uǝןɐʞ
Ah, I see. So the Pope just decided to get a head start on giving up being the Pope for Lent. Got it.Alex P-G
Just finished touring The White HoiseQuvenzhane' Wallis
Sorry houseQuvenzhane' Wallis
I love NOLA <3 RT @small_affair: #LundiGras #RedBeansParade Luv Lobster
Defendants allege a fair trial is impossible in New Orleans because of negative portrayals of NOPD by @NOLAnews and even the HBO show TremeRamon Antonio Vargas
Ok. Did anyone else just hear that zombie warning on @WTUL? The Emergency Broadcast System alert, & then a warning about the dead rising.Leslie J. Almeida
The voice said that "the dead are rising & attacking women" & to tune in to 920 AM on "your battery powered radio" for further instructions.Leslie J. Almeida
@LeslieJAlmeida time to put the king cake vodka down almeidaChamp Superstar
NOPD and their under cover agents. Or maybe their uncovered agents. Paulsen
Happy Mardi Gras! Landrieu
Happy Mardi Gras, y'all! @ R Bar Wilson
Beware the Siren song... #MardiGras #nola Whelan
Mass 'Cupid Shuffle' dance while Jesus freaks scream and yell. #MardiGras
Just got fussed at by an #MSNBC viewer on parade route: "why aren't you in NYC to cover SOTU" ...uhm..because it's #MardiGras!Melissa Harris-Perry
Okay now that the big exercise in fake courtly posturing is over, it's back to the Rex Ball.skooks
We’ve had four years of growing government, and the results have been disastrous. It is liberalism run amok. #SOTUGov. Bobby Jindal
The king of Comus actually gets to barbecue and eat his queen at the end of Fat Tuesday, that's a perk of total anonymity #mardigras #fbAlison Fensterstock
A happy face in the sky over the river.. Robin
Archbishop confirms it is permissible to eat alligator in Lent as it belongs to 'the fish family': (via @CMReport)lukecoppen
And now alligator is considered "seafood" to add more to the loophole? You people are terrible at thisGeoffrey Gauchet
So you're telling me Jesus does not approve of gay marriage but is totally cool with "seafood" from Burger King?Matt
Soooo.... I thought the "Harlem Shake" was already a dance.Big Sam
You can't ask that question w/o sounding stoned. Why are your eyes all red? "@normanrobinson1: Can hemp save the economy? ... @zite"Leon Blanda
@LeonBlanda it's glaucoma. If you look real close you'll notice the blue rings around my pupils. :)norman robinson
When WGNO does a Harlem Shake video, then we’ll know the meme is dead.copus
So those people on the "News With A Twist" billboards hate each other, right?Kaitlin Marone

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