Poll: 66% of respondents say no to Jindal presidential run


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Just 24 percent of more than 600 Louisiana voters who participated in a recent poll think Gov. Bobby Jindal should run for president in 2016. Of the 603 people polled by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling, 66 percent said he should not run. 10 percent were undecided. The firm released another poll earlier this week, showing a Jindal approval rating of 37 percent among respondents.

While those results may not bode well for the governor, who very clearly has ambitions beyond his current job, the good news is that both jindal2020.com and jindal2024.com are still available as of this writing.

Other poll results:

—49 percent reported a favorable opinion of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, 26 percent unfavorable and 25 percent not sure. Voters were evenly split on a gubernatorial match between Landrieu and Republican Senator David Vitter in 2015, at 44 percent apiece with 13 percent not sure. Landrieu, however, beat out Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne at 44-42, with 15 percent not sure.

—59 percent said they were against same sex marriage, with only 29 percent in favor and 12 percent unsure.

—Respondents were near even on the Edwin Edwards Question, with 44 percent reporting an unfavorable opinion of the ex-governor and 42 percent favorable. 15 percent said they were unsure.

—David Duke is still extremely unpopular. 76 percent unfavorable to 9 percent favorable. A surprisingly high 15 percent of respondents — all of them voters — said they weren't sure how they feel about David Duke. Among these voters, Edwards beats Duke in a gubernatorial race by a 47 percent margin: 62-15. 23 percent unsure.

—Equally surprising: 41 percent of respondents had no opinion of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell scored 42 percent unfavorable and 17 percent favorable.

—Drew Brees is the only person in the poll who is more liked than David Duke is disliked. 86 percent favorable, 4 percent unfavorable, 11 percent unsure.

Read the full survey: PPP_Release_LA_021413.pdf


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