Mardi Gras Day I walked outside my house and was greeted with this:

It aint for everybody but for me, it gets no better than Mardi Gras day in Treme. We've got the Skeletons setting it off at the break of dawn, waking up the neighborhood with their howling and clacking. This gives me just enough time to get up, get myself together, make snacks for all my visitors (my house is Bathroom Break Central) and a cocktail for myself. By then its time to catch the Zulu parade passing by Orleans and Claiborne, the epicenter of Black Mardi Gras, on their way back home over on Broad Street. All the downtown Indians (and some Uptowns ones) make their way over here to holler about their prettiness and be admired. Baby dolls are prancing around, grills and stereo systems in front of every third house doing their thing. The Candlelight bar, official clubhouse of the neighborhood, is jammed packed feeding and boozing everyone. And of course, it wouldn’t be Treme without one or two second line parades rolling through, ensuring that we don’t end our day without a good ole shakedown in the street.

And now, the award for best throw of Mardi Gras 2013 - this one is NSFW kiddies!

(NSFW photo below the jump!)

goes to Uncle Lionel, posthumously named King of KdP

Anyone got any neighborhood-based Fat Tuesday rituals good as that? Feel free to share them in the comments section. Maybe one Mardi Gras day I’ll tear myself away from here and go try your hood.


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