After a brief respite thanks to the Krewe of Super Bowl XLVII, Carnival is back in full swing. We got super krewes with celebrity riders, satirical floats, marching bands and all those fine folks camping out for Endymion (shout out #kreweofchad). Also this week: food trucks, residual Super Bowl celebrity gossip, Kelly Clarkson, New Orleans representing on the Grammys and more.

Y@ Speak 2/4-2/10

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Lost track of the number of times Cynthia Hedge-Morrell has said the words "pioneers," "settlers" and "explorers" during food truck meeting.Danny Monteverde
If you are as serious about food trucks as I am, you will join my boycott of every restaurant in the city.Matt
Best New Orleans Super Bowl sighting so far: Friend riding streetcar sat down next to someone humming a Beatles song. It was Paul McCartney.Karen DaltonBeninato
Operation take all dogs away from crust punks and give them to loving homesAmber
Angelhair pasta bed.... On a bitchSpitta
I just met the lady who rented her house to Beyonce for #SuperBowlXLVII.She said they left it cleaner than it has ever been; perfect guestsMallory Messina
Of course it's some douche named Chad doing Chadlike douche things like spray-painting a neutral ground parade barrier.Jacob Roland
How do I get my wheelchair on top of this Mardi Gras ladder? #muses #safetylast-SG gleason
Sirens flash the mob in Muses 2013 Mardi Gras parade. Scarcello
Ruby Bridges in the Shoe Float of the @KreweofMuses #parade! We hope to catch one of the #Muses shoes! Monteleone
#Muses is by far one of the best #MardiGras paradesटैरा
This. Just. Happened! I found myself in the middle of the St. Aug Marching Band during @KreweOfMuses! #muses Scofield
Fave #Muses catch. My out of town friends were stumped. #trinity #nola
Drinking game for Alcoholics Anonymous members: drink every time they see a black or hispanic member of Rex or Comus. #nola #wyes #MardiGrasToffleresque
Noooo! RT ‏@Kunzelman75Krewe D'Etat lining up. Spoiler alert: They make fun of the TP. Russell
Not even a week from the Super Bowl blackout, but Krewe d' Etat has managed to make a Mardi Gras float. A. Davis
"Ignatius J. Romney"
The Honey Boo Boo Float (#22) in Krewe D'ETat has been broken down near Felicity for over an hour. Riders getting off. @NOPD on scene.@wdsuRachel Wulff
Wake up, and this is the first text message I see. F&Ms no!!! Mardi Gras weekend off to a bad start. Gillen
Occupy NOLA should have just told Serpas they were waiting for a parade.Old Man Martin
Still in awe of the AAMU band routine during Endymion. Favorite parade performance ever. #nola #MardiGras Whelan
Yeahhhhh! @ Endymion Parade Clarkson
Grand Marshall Kelly Clarkson, Krewe of Endymion #mardigras #Idol #eat #late #FrenchQuarter' Else Café
Kelly Clarkson putting on an awesome show at Endymion. Paulsen
lol @ "since blackout" RT @washingtonpost Kelly Clarkson performs at Mardi Gras ball in 1st major event at Superdome since blackoutKrewe du Champ
Rob Ryan looks like he is going to be grand marshal of the Krewe of Chad next year.BlackenedOut
Thank you #NewOrleans!! You've been real! I set fire to the rain and had the time of my life! I love you like a love song, baby! #MardiGrasPerez Hilton
Hail, Advance! Rex, King of Mardi Gras, announced on a Sunday?!? For shame @NOLAnews.Rien Fertel
Backstage at the #grammys with @akadrjohn GRAMMYs
Almost time! #grammys Hall
Dr. John killed that unicorn with a crossbow, and he will wear its colorful intestines on his head as his people have for centuries.edsbs

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