Crawfish feast planned at Lüke



  • Crawfish have long inspired communal feasting.

Communal tables and family-style courses are trending across the American dining scene now, though these have long been hallmarks for a particular type of traditional Louisiana feast: the crawfish boil. As the seasonal crawfish harvest revs up, we huddle elbow to elbow and dig in with our best friends, our family and the guy we just met at the keg.

A somewhat more refined restaurant version of this ritual is planned next Sunday, Feb. 17, at Lüke, chef John Besh’s bistro in the CBD. The meal continues a series of “Sunday Suppers” at the restaurant, which use family-style service and seating and table d'hôte menus from chef de cuisine Matt Regan.

The Feb. 17 edition starts with boiled crawfish, sausage and the fixings and continues with crawfish pies, crawfish boudin and crawfish tails with pickled vegetables. There’s crawfish bisque, whole roasted redfish and, for dessert, johnnycake cobbler.

The five-course meal costs $45 per adult and $20 per child. Make reservations and see the full menu here.

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