Media Day is an event of football & flash



A large contingent of media members await Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis at Media Day on Tuesday.
  • A large contingent of media members await Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis at Media Day on Tuesday.

The spectacle that is Super Bowl media took place inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Tuesday

There were a few story lines that stood out to me. Media used to be a day where media could have a one stop shop of story lines and players all in one location. The chance that a player could say or do something that could create controversy made it exciting as well.

As media day grew so did the spectacle as it is more about being an entertainment show at times then talk about “X’s and O’s”. Super Bowl 47 credentialed over 5000 media members with a large number of then from other countries and those reporters tend to have a bit more flare to their coverage than we see here stateside.

Entertainment shows love to have fun at Media Day

Tuesday there were clowns, a super hero, fans in the stands, Saints players Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sproles, and a quarterback’s girlfriend turned celebrity for a few seconds on television were just a few of the highlights.


A bit of a bombshell dropped during the Baltimore Ravens media session as a Sports Illustrated story alleges that linebacker Ray Lewis was given a product that helped him recover from a torn triceps injury. The product contained a substance that is banned by the NFL.

Mitch Ross is the co-owner of Sports with Alteratives to Steriods (SWATS), and he told SI that he contacted Ray Lewis after he tore his triceps in a game against Dallas about products that could help his recovery. Deer-antler spray was among the products and treatments. IGF-1 is a substance that is in Deer-antler spray and is on the NFL’ banned list.

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb was a popular person of interest during Media Day.

“That was a two year old story that you want me to refresh. I wouldn’t give him the credit to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or in my moment. I can’t do so I won’t even speak about it,” said Lewis when asked about the report. “I’ve been in this business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. Every test I’ve ever took in the NFL, there’s never been a question if I’ve ever even thought about using anything. So to even entertain stupidity like that, tell him to go try and get his story from somebody else.”

The Ravens and Lewis on Tuesday say that he has passed every test he has ever been given. According to the report in Sports Illustrated says the Lewis and SWATS had a program of many different elements to help the healing process. Those included holographic stickers for Lewis’s elbow, sleeping in front of a beam-ray light, drinking water that was negatively charged and taking deer-antler pills and spraying deer-antler extract that went under the tongue.


Baltimore safety Ed Reed was born in St. Rose and attended Destrehan high school so of course Super Bowl 47 is a home game. Reed is considered to be a future member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame but he remembers his days of when he was in the Superdome as a kid.

“I think back to 1997 when I came to media day it was Green Bay and New England in the Super Bowl,” Reed recalled of when he attended as the big game as the winner of the punt-pass-and-kick competition. “I was a teenager so to experience this for myself now live and in color it’s just a blessing. I’m just thankful and grateful to be here.”

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb was a popular person of interest during Media Day.
  • Miss Alabama Katherine Webb was a popular person of interest during Media Day.

Reed was recruited by current Tulane head coach Curtis Johnson to play at the University of Miami and recalled how that opportunity to play with the Hurricanes helped get him to the big game here today.

“When you get to this point of your career and make it to the Super Bowl everything comes up. I’ve thought the walks to practice by myself, at night walking home from practice carrying my pads with my dad’s work shirt over my shoulder pads, and days at Destrehan, missing football for a year all those things come up. Everything really gets put into perspective when you get to this point. You’re just really appreciative of the people that helped you get here. So you think about everything.”


Katherine Webb. Hear of her? Well a lot people sure want to follow her. 272,017 followers on Twitter for Miss Alabama but perhaps she is best known for simply being drooled over by ESPN play-by-play commentator Brent Musberger during the national championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. Early in the first quarter Musberger mentioned how beautiful Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend was and that was all she wrote. A few seconds of air time led to ten of thousands of instant followers on twitter and then came the interview requests and gigs.

Webb covered Media Day for Inside Edition and was easily one of the most interviewed and photographed people on Tuesday.

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