Greatest pep talk you have ever heard, guaranteed.



I don’t usually post this kinda stuff so you know the instigator has to be bringing something pretty incredible to take me off topic. Self-ordained ‘Kid President’ Robbie Novak of Henderson, Tennessee has garnered over four million views so far with his adorable pep talk video. Impeccable comedic timing, cherub face, and bursting at the seams confidence... I could eat this kid with a tiny spoon! Anytime you’ve got a precocious Black man child quoting Robert Frost and Journey lyrics, you’ve hit entertainment gold.

There’s a whole ‘Kid President’ series featured on YouTube’s soulpancake channel, brainchild of actor Rainn Wilson (a.k.a. Dwight from “The Office). His channel’s stated mission: to help you “open your heart without feeling like an idiot.”

Best three minute time investment you’ll make today, guaranteed.


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