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Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin was indicted this morning by a federal grand jury on 21 counts of corruption, including conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and federal tax evasion.

The indictment had been widely expected since businessmen Frank Fradella and Rodney Williams both pleaded guilty to paying off someone described in court documents as "Public Official A" for favorable treatment by the city. "Public Official A" was widely known to be Nagin.

Earlier this week, federal prosecutors had attempted to reach a plea deal with the former mayor, sources told Gambit, but Nagin had turned down the deal.

Nagin Indictment Updates
Gambit TV: Clancy DuBos on Ray Nagin's indictment
DuBos: "I personally witnessed him at arm’s length, literally two or three weeks away up in Baton Rouge, two weeks after the storm. He just collapsed onto the ground and leaned up against the wall and said, ‘I did not sign up for this shit.’"

Read the federal indictment against former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin
Your souvenir copy, available for download.
by Kevin Allman

Ray Nagin indicted
Former mayor of New Orleans faces 21 corruption counts. The maximum sentence is several lifetimes.
by Charles Maldonado

U.S. Attorney Dana Boente's statement on the Nagin indictment
Boente's office on today's indictment.
by Charles Maldonado

Oh, happy day
I rejoice for the reckoning that I pray will come. But mostly I rejoice in the hope that Nagin’s demise will bring a healing, a closure, to our beloved city and its deeply wounded people.
by Clancy DuBos

Gambit TV: Stephanie Grace on Informed Sources discussing Ray Nagin indictment
Talking the 21 counts.



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