Saints lose a coach and are losing valuable time



New Orleans Saints fans are simply counting down the days until the Super Bowl arrives and is played signaling the end of the 2012 season. The reason is simple. It mean head coach Sean Payton can come back to the team and get his house in order and begin to put the 2012 season in the rear view mirror.

Aaron Kromer is leaving the Saints to become the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears.

Well one change that Payton will have to deal with upon entering the building will be finding a new assistant coach as Aaron Kromer has left the staff to become the new offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears.

Kromer has been the offensive line coach and running game coordinator and served as interim head coach for six games while assistant head coach Joe Vitt served his bounty suspension. Kromer was 2-4 under that role

The Bears had interviewed as many as 13 candidates to replaced fired head coach Lovie Smith and on Wednesday hired Marc Trestman to be their next head coach. Kromers and Trestman coached together back in 2001 through 2003 as members of the Oakland Raiders staff.

The Bears as an organization have decided to focus on their offense Trestman brings an offensive mind to the table but the so does the hiring of Kromer. Since joining the team in 2008, Kromer has helped develop an offensive line that has sent several players to the Pro Bowl.

In fact, one player from every position on the Saints offensive line has been represented in Hawaii at some point since Kromer’s arrival. Left tackle Jermon Bushrod, left guard Carl Nicks, center Jonathan Goodwin, right guard Jahri Evans and right tackle John Stinchcomb.

The Bears have struggled to protect quarterback Jay Cutler as this year alone he was sacked 38 times while he threw 19 touchdowns to 14 interceptions. Running back Matt Forte rushed for 1094 yards but only scored five times and averaged 72.9 yards a game. The total number of yards was only 97 more yards than that of the 2011 totals in season in which Forte played three fewer games in.


Kromer leaving presents an interesting dilema that then brings up a point I’ve expressed several times recently both on my radio show and in print. Last week Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said in a meeting with reporters that decisions about the coaching staff was Sean Payton’s alone.

Here’s the problem. Payton still isn’t allowed to communicate with the team much less enter the building and get to the business of fixing the mess that was the 2012 season. Loomis also thought that the staff would return fully for the 2013 season. Kromer obviously is taking a step up and expressed several times this season his desire to someday become a head coach. If he turns around Chicago’s offense he’ll get that opportunity.

That all said, back to the Patyon deal. It is an ABSOLUTE JOKE that Payton is still being held to the bounty punishments. The season is over for the New Orleans Saints. Payton stepping into his office at this very second can’t do a single thing to change the 7-9 record his team earned this past season. It’s over and done with.

We get it. Point made. Bounties bad, whether we think they occurred or not, you say they did and you will show us. Fine, I mean look at what the penalties caused. Point taken as entire season in a championship window was taken away.

Keeping him from getting back to work is not right. You may be saying well the commissioner Roger Goodell said it would be up to him and it’s be after the season which means NFL season and the end of the Super Bowl. So what’s the big deal? The Big deal is that eight teams fired their head coaches following the season and not only will those team need new head coaches but those coaches will need new staffs.

Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. interviewed with the Bears for their head coaching job. Kromer has now left for the Bears. What if Payton among his decisions is to replace and hire new assistants at certain positions? After the Super Bowl maybe too late to get the quality coaches you may be looking for?

To me keeping Payton from his team still is essentially punishing the team for two seasons because choices and decision you’re making now absolutely can affect the upcoming season.

Last I checked the Saints are a passing team and need to improve the running game and they just lost that position coach. Yea It might be important and good to have your head coach in the building ready to handle this situation.

The Saints will travel to Chicago next season to face the Bears by the way.


Saints quarterback Drew Brees is already one alternate that got the bump up to head to Hawaii. Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III’s injury that required surgery to repair allowed Brees to take his spot.

Sunday Saints left tackle Jermon Bushrod will be hoping for a 49ers win. Bushrod sits behind San Francisco tackle Joe Staley and if the 49ers win Sunday and go to the Super Bowl Staley is out of the game and Bushrod is Hawaii bound.


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