Miss Pussycat schedules local premiere of new Trixie and the Treetrunks movie



TRIXIE and the TREETRUNKS: Mystery in Old Bathbath (the trailer) from Panacea Theriac on Vimeo.

Miss Pussycat, aka Panacea, and Quintron screened her new film prior to shows on their recent tour. They will premiere Trixie and the Treetrunks: Mystery in Old Bathbath at The Prytania Theatre at 10 p.m. Friday, March 1. As used to be customary at many theaters, moviegoers will be entertained by an organist playing music prior to the film. In this case, Quintron will perform. The duo will have a question and answer period following the screening.

The trailer is above. Photo stills from the movie are here.

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