Entergy to get extended deadline on Isaac response report



New Orleans City Council is likely to grant a month-long extension on a report by Entergy New Orleans and Entergy Louisiana on the companies' restoration efforts after Hurricane Isaac, which left most of the city without power for a week or more. The report was due last week, but the companies have filed a motion with council requesting the deadline be extended to Feb. 6.

The motion, which is unopposed by the city, appears on the consent agenda — uncontroversial bills lumped together for a single vote — in tomorrow's City Council meeting.

On Sept. 6, council passed a resolution calling for a full report on the utilities' post-Isaac work and pre-Isaac preparations. From our earlier report:

Under the council resolution, Entergy is required to provide answers about post-Isaac efforts, as well as details on how it spent post-Katrina federal grants intended to pay for system restoration and infrastructure strengthening.

The report was due in 120 days, meaning Jan. 4, but it seems a second council resolution passed in November has caused a delay, according to the motion. That resolution calls for the companies to hand over extensive information on its infrastructure to be used in a future investigation by the city.

On November 1, 2012, the Council adopted resolution R-12-426; in this resolution, the Council expressed its desire to formally investigate "the Companies' electrical transmission and distribution system infrastructure, investment and planning."


The Companies have been working diligently to assemble the extensive documentation sought by the Council's Resolutions, as well as to repair the requested report. Although a significant amount of information and data has been gathered and assembled, the amount of information requested and the unavailability of certain key personnel for portions of the holiday season necessitate this request for an extension...

Read Entergy's full request: R-12-426.pdf

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