Here's a bunch of concept New Orleans Pelicans logos to make you forget the Hornets are 7-26


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Tin Bacic of Croatia came up with this conceptual design for 99 Designs contest
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  • Tin Bacic of Croatia came up with this conceptual design for 99 Design's contest

The design blog 99 Designs put out a call for concept logos and designs for the (still not official) New Orleans Pelicans basketball team and the result is well worth a click.

Supporters of the name change will be pumped to see that there is a litany of awesome designs, while detractors will just have more pictures of pelicans to make fun of. Surprisingly enough, the winning design was done up by a man in Croatia, which probably says more about this particular blog's audience than it does about how many New Orleanians could come up with a design for the Pelicans. To be fair, it's really unclear how many of the designers are from New Orleans but considering how there's a considerable lack of fleur de lis and a glut of top hats, it's fair to speculate many of designs aren't New Orleans-bred. On that note, we're dying to see what Dirty Coast, Storyville or even Terrance Osborne would do if they were given charge to do the Pelicans logo.

Either way, it's nice to forget for a moment that New Orleans' NBA team has the third-worst record in the league and is 2-8 in its last 10 games.


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