It's the last Y@ Speak of 2012, you guys! It's been a great year of tweakouts and Twitter fights, angry Saints tweets and NFL players saying hilarious things, celebrity sightings and overreacting to everything. While you all compose your mental list of ill-fated New Year's resolutions, might I suggest including some Twitter-related goals? Maybe try to get rid of: manual retweets (they are annoying and difficult for others to favorite or retweet those tweets for themselves, among other things), excessive use of hashtags ("Just saw a brass band on the street!! #OnlyinNola #nolalove #Blessed"), vomit-y game day tweets (except you, Chris Boudy. Keep doing you), and dumb corporate drivel in your bio like "retweets are not endorsements!" and "my thoughts are my own!" (as opposed to whose?) I would say to not fight or freak out on Twitter, but then it would be less enjoyable for me.

Anyway, happy New Year, and may you avoid falling bullets, falling drunk girls in sequined dresses and overpriced prix fixe menus!

Y@ Speak 12/24-12/30

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Have you been good this year?Prytania Theatre
The bonfires are lit…. fireworks popping in Gramercy. Satchfield
On the Causeway. SANTA!!! I know him! I know him!!! Bingle
... And to all a good night.-SG gleason
leavin out the traditional bowl o gumbo for Louisiana Cajun Santa. ONLY IN NOLA BAYBEEEEthe dog pissperer
Happy Christmas to all I love y'all now let's pray and eatFreshly
just saw Jesus walking around the French Quarter with a bunch of dollar bills pinned to his shirt.Andrew Healan
New Year's Eve is just around the corner which means you are running out of time to commit to an overpriced, open bar party at a cheesy clubBlackenedOut
Check it out, guys. @NOLAnews thinks it's @BuzzFeed now. How cute! J Mayer
@jacobjmayer @nolanews @buzzfeed pictures of the red dress run do not restore my faith in humanity.Alex P-G
Imagine being really good at your craft... and having a year to rest... and being absurdly motivated. Pretty scary, huh? Dat's Sean Payton.Jeff Darlington
Congratulations to Sean Payton. Sorry you had to miss a year of coaching. Moral of the story is...oh never mind.George Atallah
I agree with SPIKEs assesment of DJANGO—slavery is too serious MR TARANTINO!Marc Morial
Kind of intentionally not getting my shit together because doing that before the New Year is a little untoward.skooks
Got baby on 1st cut into king cake. Means good luck/karma all yr. Looks like NOLA is calling for NYE. Ya think?! Lemon
Today we play for the fans who have stuck with us every step of the way this year. #WhoDatNation who never stopped supporting!#whodatJedidiah Collins
Searching @The_Gambit for if I made Y@ Speak because that's how entertaining this Saints game is.Bob Murrell
Would someone please notify the Saints that the game has started..norman robinson
You deserve it Vilma. You intrepid patriot. You glorious fighter and hero.Varg Vargas
Congrats to the Saints for officially fielding the worst defense in NFL history. 6,797 yards surrendered.Scott Walker
Brees 69 yards away from 5,000 for the third time ... Nobody else has more than one. Obviously never worthy of an MVP, though.Reid G.
Bounty has nothing to do with #Saints getting their ass kicked by the Panthers.Because it's simple:the Saints are getting their ass kickedWendell Pierce
Was grateful for the end of football season but just remembered it's now Mardi Gras season. Sorry, liver.Champ Superstar
There's no Senate deal yet. Biggest reason is that every Reid-Obama proposal this weekend raises taxes only to usher in MORE spending.David Vitter
Thank you to all who stuck with us during this tough year. I know this experience will serve us well in the future! Who Dat!Malcolm Jenkins

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