Stuff other cities drop on New Year's Eve


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Everyone knows that New Year's in New Orleans means dropping a king cake Baby New Year from Jax Brewery. Somehow that tradition didn't make Mental Floss' list of "36 Bizarre Things Ceremonially Dropped on New Year’s Eve," though it's far better than most — because some of these make me glad I live here and not there:

A real (dead) carp in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Most carp don’t see 15 seconds of fame, let alone 15 minutes. But every year in Prairie du Chien, Lucky the Carp is the center of attention when he’s lowered onto a throne to celebrate the new year. It’s the culmination of a week of activities, which includes events such as hanging carp ornaments on a pine tree, the Carp Plunge (like a polar bear plunge) and busting open a carp piñata. As far as we know, the piñata contains candy, not carp.

A sardine in Eastport, Maine. The area has sardine fishing and canning roots, but Eastport also drops a Maple Leaf as a friendly gesture to their Canadian neighbors across the bay.

A pickle in Mt. Olive, North Carolina. For the 14th year in a row, a briny, 3-foot, lighted cucumber will drop down the flagpole at midnight Greenwich Mean Time. That’s 7 p.m. eastern. (“That way, we are official, we shout Happy New Year! — and we don’t have to stay up until midnight,” says the Mount Olive website.)

Oh, well. It's all good, I suppose. Just don't drop bullets.


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