The latest synthetic drug: "Blue Brees." Panic!


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  • The latest Threat to Your Children.
Attention dumbass kids: Now you can salute your favorite sports hero while smoking some God-knows-what synthetic drug from your local ratchet gas station or skanky mini-mall head shop.

First it was mojo, then bath salts, and now it's a little bag of "aromatherapy" called "Blue Brees."

From WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge:

A Louisiana mother has a warning for other parents after her teenage son had a bad reaction from smoking what she's calling a new synthetic drug.

Mary Hughes is on a mission to protect other kids.

It all started this past weekend with a little plastic bag of a product called "Blue Brees." The Denham Springs mom said her 16-year-old son got it as a present and smoked it, which led to a scary night.

"His eyes were basically real droopy," Hughes said. "His speech was very slurred. He had no emotion. He barely could stand and absolutely no emotion, so 'Zombieland' was really correct. He was a zombie."

Hughes admits her daughter, who is of age, bought the product at a store called Zombieland.

Her daughter bought it, her son smoked it — sounds like the "mission to protect other kids" is pointing in the wrong direction.

Is "Blue Brees" fake pot, bath salts, sludge scraped off a car battery, or what? No idea. The report doesn't go there. But it's the latest Threat to Your Children, so take notice.

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