With sexy Santas and Jackson Square carolers, it's obvious Christmas is around the corner (although the weather is unseasonably warm). But Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. is just a horrible, sad thing that weighs heavy on the mind during the holidays. Hug your friends and family extra hard!

In other, less terrible news: the Acro-Cats come to town, Bobby Jindal has something to say about birth control, and the Saints get a win.

Y@ Speak 12/10-12/16

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Rule #1 Never Give UpRule #2 See Rule #1Who DatDrew Brees
Tourist outside NOMA asked where he could find a Red Lobster nearby. I sent him to Parkway. #ImASaintTodd A. Price
I expect that 90% of all DUI checkpoints in a few years will take place near the Taco Bell, McDonalds, and Canes on Claiborne.BlackenedOut
I respect stephen a smith for publicly apologizing. Takes a real man to do what he did. Apology accepted. Thank you Stephen @stephenasmithJonathan Vilma
Discuss: I have 3 crime novels. Two w/a male protag, one w/ a female protag. Guess who gets blamed in reviews for the danger they're in?Bill Loehfelm
So clear you can see NOLA from Mandeville. Pete
I am Bruce Springsteen and I deliver catharsis to people with hurricanes. #121212concert #katrina #jazzfest (seriously, he's good at it)Alison Fensterstock
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in New Orleans who hasn’t been on “Chopped.”copus
There are sooooooo many cats doing things in front of me. OtterStar
GUYS! 107 dogs & cats were adopted today as part of the LA/SPCA's 12/12/12 event!!! I'm very happy.Amber
"The NO Times-Picayune's circulation has gone up since cutting back printing." So if they stopped printing entirely, circulation thru roof?Harry Shearer
We’re stupid to let Democrats demagogue this issue & say the GOP is against birth control. Bobby Jindal
As a mom, I am deeply heartbroken by the senseless shootings in #Newtown, #CT. The children, teachers & families are in my prayers.Senator Landrieu
It's days like today why we do not use programs to schedule tweets. Nobody gives a shit about your flash sales right now. #checkyourselfPROPAGANDA | NOLA
Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People But Guns Definitely Make It EasierMatt
Hey if the president is crying I think we all get a pass today.Krampus Panda
Shit for that matter, marriage is more highly regulated than the purchase of assault rifles.BlackenedOut
We have lost our way if a background check and license makes gun owners feel threatened. No one is taking your guns away.Wendell Pierce
I am very disturbed by the massacre in Connecticut and the way some of us covered it... especially interviewing helpless children.norman robinson
As one reader points out, one can read "Naked Pizza employee arrested" many ways!Michelle Hunter TP
Have yourself an 80 degree Christmasskooks
Packed in Warehouse District. Mackel
People acting surprised the Dome isn't packed today. This season has sapped energy & enthusiasm. At least players are paid to be there.Scott Walker
Can we retire "Stand Up and Get Crunk" at the end if the year if next year is going to be a rebirth of sorts for the #Saints?Jordan Grove
Next job assignment?On to New Orleans w @jackburditt for the Super Bowl honors...ABFoundation
Superdome PA announcer Jery Romig accidentally left his mic on. "Keep the shutout going, guys" comment went out to entire stadium.Jeff Duncan
Great team win today. There's nothing better then winning in the dome! Graham
Fa la la la la la la la la... One of my favorite #NOLA events, Caroling in Jackson Square! Whelan

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