So, it's official: We're the New Orleans Pelicans — not the New Orleans Bounce, New Orleans Jazz, the New Orleans Only-in-New Orleans Fleur de Lis Go-Cups, or whatever was your team name of choice. Are you happy with the name change? Are you in, as they say? Also this week: Grammy nomination announcements, local elections, sexy Santas and Steven Tyler.

Y@ Speak 12/3-12/9

Storified by Gambit · Mon, Dec 10 2012 09:14:48
Welcome to NOLA, Home of Midday Street Construction That Wasn't There This Morning.Jason Saul
"Pelicans" is probably the best name for our basketball team that doesn't scream "ONLY IN NOLA BABY."Zach Rau
Breaking News; People in New Orleans who haven't thought about going to a Hornets game in years, pissed their idea for a new name not usedBlackenedOut
when they start losing they become the Peli-cants. The cheerleaders will still be able to shake their Peli-cans. And Pedro is our mascot.Accidental Cajun
I'd like to also point out our football team is called the Saints. If a team was rebranded the Saints now people would be all "WTF?! Ew! NO"Chris Trew
So they the pelicans? Lemme smoke on it.....Spitta
P-fence. clap clap. P-fence. clap clap.colleen allerton
I just wanna know who sat down & was like... U know what? New Orleans Pelicans is great name! smhBig Sam
Worst part about going from Hornets to Pelicans? They’ll FINALLY call the Arena The Nest. HORNETS DON’T HAVE HIVES❄ Geoff G ❄
Good thing with the name change is that Eric Gordon thinks he's been traded & will suit up tomorrow. #PelicansRyan Smith
The New Orleans trigger mansFreshly
The New Orleans baby daddy's That's a cool nameFreshly
Can't believe they didn't go for the New Orleans GUMBO GUMBO ZYDECO JAZZY FUNERALSDrew Magary
Idea for 2012 year-end list: top ten @The_Gambit blogposts about blogs rating New Orleans in their lists of top (or bottom) things.Alison Fensterstock
Saw a report of a River Ridge guy booked with shooting his television during an argument with his wife. #thataintrightMichelle Hunter TP
Someone on the Twitter stream just asked "WTF is a Pelican?" Um, that would be a type of bird. #TheMoreYouKnowWill Samuels
Steven Tyler getting friendly with a fan in The Hive. #Hornets #Lakers #Aerosmith Gillen
Best new artist #grammys nominees: Alabama Shakes, fun., Hunter Hayes, Lumineers, Frank Ocean. Two of three have La rootsKeith Spera
Best new record "Thinkin Bout You"!!!!!! So proud of my baby!!!katonya breaux riley
Loved the suggestion of the NewOrleans Krewe. Unique, NewOrleans, Unifying. Marketing: " I'm Part of the Krewe" "I'm In" "Let's Go Get 'Em"Wendell Pierce
"New Orleans Krewe" was already taken in some capacity by every PlayNOLA dodgeball team ever.Matt
CREEPY MUGSHOT... Geary Smith, 53, accused of raping, kidnapping, mentally infirm girl in Algiers Martin TP
my secret favorite bar has been ruined by a hundreds of sexy santa clauses and THAT, gentlemen, brings me to my proposed war on christmassophie
I really enjoy being called “dumb” and “ignorant” by the liberal elite and their media water carriers. Bobby Jindal
Asked what he'll do next, Jeff Landry says, "I'm going duck hunting. That's what's next for me." #laelectionMelinda Deslatte
So we are calling this Celebration In The Sinkhole
I blame football for making me crazy with these up and down emtions within seconds....fucking w/ my physiological well being :(Chris Boudy
There aren't a whole lot of other Saints fans at Giant's stadium tonight, but the ones here are easy enough to find: Kaye
Time to win the bounty war appeal, draft early in the 1st round, get a 3rd place schedule, and devastate the NFL in 2013. #WhoDatVintage Orleans
Are we so morally bankrupt in this country that giants can defeat saints?Steve Martin
No way we are pausing Mardi Gras for the dirty birds, thanks. Cam.Snake and Jakes NOLA

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